Welcome to Mischief Meeting Moments, a dynamic platform dedicated to sparking and nurturing strong team bonds for better collaboration!

Mischief Makers is an organizational development agency specializing in facilitation as a fuel for good. We spark sustainable impact in organizational culture and work methodologies. We empower individuals, teams, and organizations not only to navigate but to flourish in the ever-evolving landscape of work.

We believe in the power of intentional interactions to create human connections and foster joyful collaboration.

This platform offers a curated collection of questions and engaging exercises designed to help you discover the depth in new and existing relationships, and strengthen bonds with your team, clients, partners, and communities alike.

Checking in & out
Amplify your meetings with this simple yet powerful practice. Foster learning, enhance connections, and build trust by inviting each member to be and feel present, seen, and heard. It's an opportunity to express feelings, reflections, and uncover something new about each other.

Connection exercises
Break away from passive behaviors and communication by inviting dedicated, impactful moments for your team to bond. These exercises inject energy into your team dynamic, creating not just engagement but strong connection for a more resilient, inclusive and collaborative team culture.

Now, let's make some mischief!


What have you said NO to recently?

What have you said YES to recently?

Share a story about your team.

What is making you feel brave?

What do you value most in the people you are working with?

What can you take responsibility for this week?

What could you teach the people in this (virtual) room within the next 5 minutes?

If money was out of the picture, how would you be spending your time?

What are you looking forward to most over the next month?

How do you like to recharge your energy?

What is one small thing you can do within the next 2 minutes to increase your focus for this session / upcoming task?

How do you want to feel at the end of this session?

What do you feel energy around today?

What are you bringing to this session?

What are you letting go of this week?

What is on your mind at this moment?

What is important to you in this moment?

What is your success story from this week?

What are you grateful for today?

Create a shape or movement with your body that demonstrates how you are checking in (mischievous tweak: add a sound to the movement of the body to be extra dynamic).

If we had a dinner party right now, what dish would you cook and bring?

If you could experience one year from your life again, which would it be?

What is the last photo you took with your phone? Tell the story behind it.

Who's your alter ego?

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you want to be?

How would your friends describe you in 3 words?

What's one thing you wish you'd be brave enough to do?

Which fictional place would you like to go to?

If your mind was an island, what would it look like?

What surprised you in the past week?

What are you curious about these days?

What was the first thought you had when you woke up this morning?

If you could become anyone else for a day, who would you become?

What was the last brilliant question you were asked (bonus points if you share your answer)?

Name one thing you want to contribute today.

Share one 'superpower' (something you're great at) and one 'kryptonite' (something that drains you).

Which personality trait do you appreciate in others?

Share a piece of advice, that could help you or others today.

Share your favourite word (in any language)

What compliment would you like to give yourself today?

If you were a flavour today, what would you be and why?

What was the last time you learned something for the first time, what was it?

If you could only eat one food, and one drink for the rest of your life - what would they be?

What person (real or fictional) do you want to channel today?


Three question mingle

Let people get creative and curious by asking & trading questions of their choice.

Read full instrcutions

Appreciation station

Take a moment to share positive shoutouts, feedback and appreciation with each member of a group. This for sure leaves people with a big smile on their face!

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A combination of connecting & learning: go through this exercise of drawing sunsets and uncover personal memories as well as insights around the beauty of diverse view points & asking questions.

Read full instructions

Rose, thorn, bud

A simple exercise to foster a culture of constructive feedback within teams, allowing them to learn and develop as well deepen trust and support.

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Learning about similarities and differences among team members allows them to increase empathy and set up for success in processes and collaboration.

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High Five Me

A Mischief Original to build empathy & stronger bonds, and foster more efficient collaboration by letting team members describe themselves based on 5 areas.

Check the template

Pat on the back

Short & sweet! Take a moment to acknowledge the team's efforts: ask your team to 1) raise their arm 2) put their hand on their back and 3) pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

Paper cranes

This powerful exercise encourages team members to create a collective piece of art that represents their wishes.

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A simple exercise to promote ongoing feedback within teams that will allow them to share needs, priorities and wishes.

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Social contract

Ever wondered how you best work together as a team and what behaviours it will require from everyone? This exercise will tell you.

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Stinky fish

A structured exercise to "clear the air" and bring out cencerns or worries among team members; thereby building trust and uncovering areas to learn and grow together.

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Post-it prophecies

Our mischievous version of sharing fortunes, inspiration and appreciation with each other. After all, who isn't curious about the future?!

Check it out


This conversation format by Liberating Structures is ideal for large groups and brings inclusion, group intelligence and creativitiy to the forefront.

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World Café

An effective and adaptable format for hosting large group dialogue and ensuring people are motivated and able to contribute to the conversation.

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Appreciation station

Spreading kindness, motivation and the feeling of being seen and heard- one appreciation at a time.

Check it out

Thinking hats

A great exercise to support decision-making and create empathy/openness to different view points by asking people to step out of their default response.

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PB&J sandwich

A truly mischievous exercise that demonstrates the power of clear communication and assumptions, even for seemingly simple task like making a PB&J sandwich.

Check it out

Are / aren't / want to be

The first step in knowing where to go next as a team is about knowing where you are now - create clarity on the present and future.

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History Mapping

Invite team members to look back on the path they walked together by visually mapping out the journey, and sharing stories of success & challenges, as well as appreciation for one another.

Read the full instrcutions

Counting game

A focus exercise & team challenge: count to 10 together (or as high as they can go) without interrupting each other.

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Treasure hunt

A quick lively exercise - have people race to find an object in their house and share it back on screen.

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Portrait exercise

This visually engaging and interactive exercise promotes connection and conversation within any group.

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What do you want to focus your attention on moving forward?

What is different now compared to the beginning of this session / day?

What would the tagline of this session / day be?

If you could make something more visible, what would it be?

What do you need right now?

What impact did you make today?

What did you learn about yourself today?

What made you proud today?

What are you saying Welcome to, what are you saying Goodbye to?

What are you grateful for?

What would you like to see more of next time?

Which body movement are you using to check out today?

What makes this important to you now?

How are you going to wind down after today?

Which points stood out for you?

Where would you like to go next?

Which learning will you implement right away (and how)?

What would have helped you today?

What plant does this seed grow into?

What do you want to leave behind?

What learning would you like to share with a friend?

What is still circling in your mind?

Complete the sentence: "This will ..."

What has been insightful to you?

If you could summarise today in one word, what would it be?

Which feeling best describes how you are leaving this session?

What's a compliment you would like to share with yourself, or someone in the team?

What's your biggest takeaway from this session / day?

Show some appreciation to someone in this group who has inspired or supported you today.